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If you’d prefer that the updates come to you, just drop me a line. In order to make sure that I’m sending you what you want (instead of spamming you silly), please let me know which variety of updates you’re interested in.

Monthly Short Stories: selecting this will have the lovely result of me either notifying you via email or (if the story isn’t free) gifting you a free ebook copy of my monthly short stories from Smashwords as they become available. You’ll be able to choose the file type you prefer (e.g., for your Kindle or Nook or Adobe Digital Editions software) and you’ll be able to leave reviews for me. (In exchange for which, you will earn my undying gratitude.)

New Books by K. Writerly: if you choose this option, I’ll only let you know when a full-length novel or children’s book has been made available. (It’ll be painful restraining myself from sending you those monthly short stories, but I will control myself. I promise.)

ALL UPDATES: this option includes the free, monthly short stories in the ebook version of your choice; announcements about just-published novels and children’s books; multi-media updates (such as book trailers); blog posts (such as historical discussions); fan fiction by K. Writerly (concerning “The Last Legend” or “Without Wings”); merchandise news, juicy sales at (ebookstore) & (print-on-demand bookstore), and any other cool/useful things I can pass along.

WHAT YOU DON’T GET: I will not be sending you day-by-day updates on my writing progress (please follow me on Twitter for those – I tweet compuslively when I’m on a roll), nor will I send you updates on “The Rules of Writing” or “Writers’ Secrets” (which can be found on my LiveJournal).  In short, I will not inundate you with my writerly angsting and rejoicing.

So now you know what you’re signing up for. I will not willfully distribute your email address or name (or other data provided by you) to a third party. This will stay between me and you. End of story.


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