Yup, this is where I’m showing off some of the pretty pictures I’ve taken during my travels. The photos on the left were all used for cover art for my short stories. The photos on the right were taken in the same place as the ones on the left and posted for the sake of ambiance (or just because).

Cover at from "The Tale of the Tides", March 2012

Katsurahama, Japan, December 2009

Cover art from "Compromises", February 2012

Tahquamenon Falls (Visitor-Friendly) Trail, September 2011

Cover art from "Medusa", January 2012

Gallery of Palacio da Ajuda, near Lisbon, Portugal, January 2011

Cover art from "Doolin's Second Pub", December 2011

Doolin Tower, September 2007

Cover art for "The Groundskeeper of Kylemore Abbey", November 2011

The Gardens of Kylemore, September 2007