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A new series by K. Writerly for young adult readers is in the works!

I am so excited about this.  Here are the fun details:

  • The story takes place in A.D. 850~ Sweden and Kaliningrad.
  • Yes, there are Vikings.  There are also Old Prussian tribes of the Amber Road.
  • It is epic.
  • So far there are 4 novellas in the series, weighing in at approximately 160,000 words (or 300 pages, give or take).
  • I totally have plans to take this epic goodness and raise it even higher in a second set of novellas.

What is this story, you ask?  I will tell you:

This tale follows a young woman called Daiva – the eldest daughter and heir to her father’s Baltic kingdom, Samland – as she’s taken captive by raiders from Sweden.  She anticipates death at their hands, but that’s because she would never expect someone like Rurik to appoint himself as her protector.

Rurik is hardly a typical Swede, however.  In an age when a man’s worth is defined by his skill and cunning in battle, Rurik – a crippled bastard son of a slave woman – has no hope of earning respect, but thanks to his elder half-brother he has his freedom, and thanks to his new friend, Daiva, his has a purpose.

Daiva and Rurik need each other more than either of them could ever hope to imagine.  Their shared destiny will take them from one land to another, across the sea and through exile and intrigue before lifting them to the heights of power and placing the fate of a nation in their hands.

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