Kingdoms of the North

A Viking Era series

855 A.D. — The Northmen have come.

Daiva — heir to the amber-rich, Baltic kingdom of Samland — joins the fight to protect her people from Viking raiders but finds herself taken captive instead.  She anticipates death at the hands of the Northmen, but that’s before she meets Rurik, a boy her age who seems determined to keep her alive.

Rurik is hardly a typical Northman.  In a society where a man’s worth is defined by his skill in battle, Rurik — the crippled, bastard son of a slave woman — has no hope of earning honors or glory, but thanks to his older half-brother he has his freedom, and thanks to his new friend, Daiva, he has a purpose.

Daiva and Rurik need each other more than either of them could ever imagine.  Their shared destiny will take them across the North Sea from one land to another, through exile and intrigue, before lifting them to the heights of power and placing the fate of a nation in their hands.

Daiva's Capture

Daiva’s Capture, illustration by Michael Davini (DeviantArt)

Book 1: Daiva’s Capture

   I am watching the newly-captured slaves as they are brought toward the gates and she is the only one I see.
   She glares at anyone who stands in the path of her gaze, jaw clenched, and lips twisted in a silent snarl.  Her dark, woven hair is matted with what could only be dried blood.  I cannot see much more beyond her blackened eye and bruised-green face.  Her chin is swollen.  She could be beautiful. I do not know.  What I do know is that she is proud, determined, and furious. The bindings around her wrists are bloody.  Still bound, she battles on.

Rurik's Oath

Rurik’s Oath, illustration by Michael Davini (DeviantArt)

Book 2: Rurik’s Oath

   “I will protect Daiva and this kingdom with my life.  I give my oath.”
   My father’s fingers slip from my grasp and he motions Rurik closer, close enough to clasp Rurik’s hand between their chests and press his palm to the side of Rurik’s neck.  Shakily, Rurik reciprocates the gesture.  He is now family.