So, I thought to myself, why let the story end just because I’ve reached the last page? Here you’ll find a variety of interesting tidbits related to the novels. Everything from research to inspirational photos to music recommendations to geekdom-level K. Writerly writings trivia. Oh, yeah. Let the fun begin!


Cover illustration and design by Crista Rowe

The inspiration behind Kellan’s family home:
Kylemore Abbey in the Connemara

The real castle of the O’Neills:
Castle Hill at Dungannon, Co. Tyrone

Character names from The Last Legend

The Last Legend resources (printed & electronic)

Music that motivated the author

Questions about The Last Legend
writing techniques, plot & characters

Plumbing the Depths of History
fiddly historical details for geeks

The Last Legend Store on Cafe Press

All this is great, K, you say, but the real question is:

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Cover illustration and design by Crista Rowe

Without Wings Official Illustrations

Fan Fiction by K. Writerly

Desktop Wallpaper & Icons

A Day in the Life of K. Writerly

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Art and goodies by fans

Fanart for Five Photographs

Icons, banner, and desktop wallpaper by the talented and generous Yappichick
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Fanart for Five Bullets

 Icons, banners, and book cover by the talented and generous Yappichick
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The Last Legend: Welcome, History Geeks!

Yes, let us bask in all our geeky glory for here our pedantic nature is celebrated and revered! … OK, yeah, that was a bit over the top, but hey, history is FULL of drama.  Not to mention all the drama that goes on between academics over the tiniest details.  (Hey, I studied Western Philosophy…

The Last Legend: Questions for the Author

WARNING!  This post contains SPOILERS for The Last Legend.   ~ . ~ . ~   Some of these questions have come directly for amazing readers who have taken the time to give me feedback on my book.  Others I’m answering in anticipation of a question.  So, here we go!   Question: What prompted you…

The Last Legend: Music that Motivated

OK, actually, I’m kinda embarrassed about this.  I did most of my writing for The Last Legend back when I was in university and then I did the rewriting when I was working as an ALT in the JET Program about 10 years ago, so I honestly can’t remember everything that was on my playlist…

The Last Legend: Kellan’s Home

Before I share the photos I took during my one and only (so far) trip to Ireland, I think a map might be helpful for reference for those of us who love our visuals.   The Last Legend, Map of Ireland, mid 1300s Features: Erin (Ireland), Gaillimh (Galway), Dun Geanainn (Dungannon)  This map was created…

The Last Legend: Character Names

So, how do you come up with “authentic” (or as close as you can get to it) medieval Irish names without either (A) learning Irish or (B) transporting yourself to the Middle Ages? Well, in my case, it’s all thanks to the authors who generously share their articles at the Medieval Names Archive. The following…

The Last Legend: Resources

Resources (printed) Bardon, Jonathan. A History of Ulster. Blackstaff Press Limited. 1992. Cahill, Thomas. How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe. Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc. 1995. Cross, Tom Peete and Clark Harris Slover (Editors). Ancient Irish Tales….